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Economic and Community Development

Some Services

We work one-on-one with clients to refine their goals, determine how to meet those goals and provide what services will help them succeed. But here are a few examples of what we can do for you.


organizational strategy

Everyone now exists in a hypercompetitive environment, whether it’s a business competing for market share, community for economic development projects or nonprofit for contributions. Hayes Group works with organizations of all kinds to develop realistic, achievable strategies that will take those organizations to the next level and help them achieve their goals.

lobbying and government relations

At a time when governmental policy touches every aspect of economic development, business and nonprofits, staying on top of legislative action and helping shape complex public policy is more critical than ever. Hayes Group provides the legal expertise, professional perspectives and bipartisan relationships you need to have your voice heard when it matters most.

executive recruitment

Executive leadership — those individuals who can inspire, navigate challenges and shape the organizational culture — are often the difference between success and failure. And not every good leader is effective in every situation. With its deep relationships, expertise and perspective, Hayes Group can help you find and secure the perfect leader to help your organization thrive.

public relations

With so many groups competing for attention, resources and influence, your organizational communication must be thoughtful, consistent and strategic. Hayes Group can help you develop relationships and enhance your reputation within your organization, among the general public or with any number of groups that are essential to your success.

public speaking

Whether you’re organizing an international conference or a local seminar, fresh perspectives and honed expertise from proven professionals can be the key to your future success. Hayes Group partners have brought decades of success to organizations across the continent on a number of topics — all developed specifically for your challenges and needs.


Because you never know when that momentous opportunity will come knocking, it’s essential to keep your organization active and vibrant. Partners for Hayes Group provide a range of corporate legal assistance and have served as interim executives in economic development agencies to keep them moving forward as permanent leaders are selected.